Portishead – Roads

Portishead, a name that is well known for their success in trip-hop music. Early in 1994, their first album Dummy was released at the time while Brit-Pop was most glorious- Portishead had definitely created a totally different sound path, with a mix of electronica, jazz, blues, hip-hop and the haunting sound of their vocal Beth Gibbons, a voice that reminds me of Sade.

Listening to this album is an ever gloomy experience but yet so alluring, almost addictively complicated feeling. I believe that is the balance of oppressive and depressive.

There’re always songs that are not the most popular ones but yet you’d feel most connected to. Roads is one of them to me. Especially with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the sound is arranged with much tension.

Even tough we do not own everything (or anything..), but we can always turn something into another way of energy. In that way, great things can last longer, if not forever. Here’s a song that have sampled with Portishead’s Glory Box.

And when you think he’s genius, the infamous tune from Glory Box has in fact sampled Isaac Hayes’ Ike’s Rap II, so does Tricky’s Hell is Around the Corner.

Thanks to all the good music and all geniuses. And I would like to dedicate this post to someone truly special, AhKok.


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