Submotion Orchestra – All Yours

Submotion Orchestra from the UK consists of 7 people, with influence ranging from jazz, soul, dubstep, reggae and more. Their unique sound has definitely become one of my obsession these years. Ruby Wood, who has the sexiest voice of whom I’ve listened to among the emerging vocalist in the past few years, together with the lush of Simon Beddoe’s trumpet, and the dynamic percussions and beats, have seriously created the best numbers in my make-out song list, or at least have accompanied me lingering in bed more than any other collectives.

The track All Yours might be more sentimental than the rest in the album Finest Hour, but towards the end of the song where the solo from trumpet takes over, it’s so uplifting and moody… that’s exactly when I would roll into the sheets and indulge in the sensational atmosphere.

Sometimes we’re full of crossed feelings, when the sweets mixes with all the spice and the bitterness, and you’re feeling numb but still enjoying every bit of it, that’s addiction. Much alike the album of Submotion Orchestra, which contains so much of elements- dreamy, dark, tense, spacious. After listening to it all, you might feel exhausted, but if you’re feeling like spinning it for another round, then I guess that’s the magic of it.


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