Feist – Secret Heart

A friend came to me for suggestions of guitarists once, of course there’re amazing guitarists in the world who have enormous guitar skills and techniques or styles, to name but a few, such as my beloved of all time John Frusicante, the marvelous soulful Robert Cray, and the incredible John Mayer. But since my friend is a lady who’s just started to play guitar, I immediately thought of a few female guitarists’ names…

Feist, a Canadian singer-songwriter, first strikes me with her spectacular voice and her fascinating video I Feel It All, such a simple but stunning video by the way, and I guess that’s what I feel about this artist as well. Seeing her in the Laneway Festival in Singapore last year was a wonderful experience. I truly believe that a real artist would touches you through their live performance more than their recorded CD, because only in a live performance that you can feel their energy and soul, which is the most important thing about music.

This performance of Secret Heart is very different from the original one from the album Let It Die, which is lighthearted and sweet, but I do adore the live version. Feist’s guitar playing might not be superb, but the more you listen to her songs and lyrics, you’ll find that the flaws are so natural, and at times those are the intimate moments that would capture the audience’s heart and feeling.

Feist has collaborated with numerous brilliant musicians, like Broken Social Scene, Kings of Convenience, and so on. She’s very experimental in her music, and it shows in her latest album Metals, which has added a bit of gravity, a bit of melancholy sound to it, and no longer the exhilarating 1,2,3,4, or the directness of How My Heart Behaves from the last album The Reminder.

I must mention that the videos from Metals are amazing as well. View them all on the dedicated site:


(to be continued.. with more female guitarists)


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