Mariza – O gente da minha terra

I accidentally came across this song one time on web, and instantly got thrilled by the beautiful breathtaking voice of Mariza, a singer of the the traditional Portuguese music ‘Fado’. Obviously not knowing the meaning of the song because of the barrier of language, but it definitely translated to me in the universal language of music, through the stunning musical expression of the singer. Besides, something mystical about this song triggered my curiosity to find out more about this music.

Fado, meaning destiny or fate, can be traced back to the 18th century. It’s often performed with a singer, a classical guitar and a mandola. I like how Mariza is always dressed in a dazzling black gown, almost gothic-like, and I like that romantic tunes of guitars, that are loaded with the culture of the music.

An Italian friend from Macau once spoke to me about this genre of music, he describes it as music of suffering, strength and hope.

Some time later, I found that the first time I ever heard the song O gente da minha terra, was actually from the Chinese movie Isabella (2006), which was set in Macau.

‘Oh people of my land, it is now that I have perceived. This sadness which I carry, was from you that I received.’

Fado, or any good pieces, proves to us that there is no boundaries in music. And it’s not just because it’s a small world, but we connect for a reason.


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