sóley – I’ll Drown

Most of us seem to know little about Iceland, especially for us Asian, it seems to be a place so far far away, where we cannot even think of anything to link it with. For me, maybe I’d think of Björk, or Sigur Rós? Recently, one more name is added into that page of my dictionary- Sóley.

Sóley is a member from the band Seabear, just some years ago she started her solo project. Her album We Sink was released in 2011. It’s very nice to hear some music that is so fresh and pure, in the sense that it has little post-recording production, yet possessing such unique sound. The whole album is full of imagination, or rather imagery- that lies somewhere between a little girl dancing ballad in a forrest, or watching rain drops outside of your window… The soothingly fragile sound of her voice is the key of setting the mood of her songs. And I just love the way she uses her voice like an instrument, such as in the song I’ll Drown.

How a human body functions is majorly due to what type of food we eat. In another words, what energy we consume, releases what kind of substance… A common factor that I found about artists from Iceland, is the bit of quirkiness adding on to an earthy touch. I believe that the nature of its surrounding has certainly provided an inspiring place for their artist’s creativity. Or somehow rather, it is the artists’ reflection of the environment they’re living in.


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