St. Vincent – Bang Bang

St. Vincent is a solo project of Annie Clark, or as how she’d refer to, it’s her Super Hero name. Growing up in Texas, St. Vincent started playing guitar since she was young. She’s by far one of my favorite female guitarists whom I found has the greatest devotion to the sound of guitar. I think it can be seen from the number of pedals she uses.

Many female singer song-writers often use guitar as an instrument to resemble their vocal or melody, but for St. Vincent, her guitar does the singing as well as her voice. Sometimes she’d literally sing along with her guitar on the same note- something that I find is a very guitarist’s thing. Covering Iron Maiden as a teenager, she must have picked up some rapid scale-based skills that influences her music. Her unique style is the very temperamental fuzzy solos and distortion in between some sweet and smooth arpeggios and riffs.

There’re many amazing songs in St. Vincent’s latest album Strange Mercy, such as Surgeon with the awesome sliding, and the rusty Northern Lights. However, I still prefer her first album with the debut song Marry Me and Paris is Burning. I like it when things are unexpected and you can achieve something even when you’re not so conscious of what you’re trying to achieve. That’s what I call ‘the magical moment’, like this performance where Andrew Bird had improvised with St. Vincent’s What Me Worry.


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