Nãnci and Phoebe – Notorious

A friend asks me to talk about female musicians in different genres. That actually sounds like what I’ve been doing… but, getting into the subject of sexuality and why male dominates most of the music genres is a difficult topic. It’s not only related to the whole history of music, but also the history of humanity, culture and behaviour. I guess I can touch on it a little bit with this captivating female duo that I came across recently, Nãnci and Phoebe.

Nanci Correia & Phoebe Hibbert is an underground act from London, UK. Their sound is a mixture of Jungle, drum & bass, dubstep and hip-hop. What amazes me is simply the fact that a female duo with a female rapper is making Jungle music! Now, that makes me think…

The origin of rapping derived from Jamaican music and has much connection with the Hip-hop culture, that was mostly African American in the beginning. Rapping is the act of speech, a form of wordplay. Most of the time it involves insulting or debating, with subject matters on wealth, violence, drugs, corruption, and sexuality, especially during the 80s & 90s with the popularity of Gangster Rap. I believe all of that history, that even dated back to Roots music (a combination of African and Celtic music from before America existed, that is believed to be the basis of all funk and blues, thus the jazz and rock), contributed to the domination of male voices in these genres, as men had tend to be the out-spoken ones probably since humanity begins.

Nowadays with raps over rock, punk, pop and all, it can’t be more ‘ear-luring’ to hear it with its ‘roots’- the Jungle & hip-hop, especially with these ladies’ provoking sound and lyrics. Since I’m a total feminist when it comes to music (guess it’s obvious as you can’t find any male voices on my blog here), I give my full support to Fyfe & Nana. They do remind me of the ‘refugee days’ of Lauryn Hill, yeah.

There should not be any racial, age or social barriers in music. As music is not just entertainment, it’s a way of life.


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