Buena Vista Social Club – Murmullo

First seen The Buena Vista Social Club was on the documentary on a DVD. Thanks to Ry Cooder, who “discovered” the band from Havana, and recorded them with film director Wim Wenders, the band became internationally renown when most of the members were at the age of 70 or over.

When i bought the DVD at HMV at that time, it was as if nobody knows the name Buena Vista Social Club, until I found a staff who was an old man with a grey goatee on his chin. He helped me find the disc and he seemed impressed. It surprises me that a lot of people don’t know about Buena Vista Social Club, to this date, and sometimes it bothers me that people are missing out such great music.

I was at a salsa club one time in Singapore, a live band was playing a few numbers from The Buena Vista Social Club. I’m glad that these grandpas have at least influenced the Latin jazz music. Ruben Gonzalez, the pianist who never own a piano before, Ibrahim Ferrer, who earned money by singing ever since he was a young kid, and the other grandpas who never had a chance to see the world outside of Cuba before, had certainly had the most beautiful sparks before their life ends.

And I figured that maybe it doesn’t matter how many people still know about them, but it’s a blessing that they are always remembered by heart by some of us.


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