Rodriguez – Sugar Man

During the psychedelic years of the late 60s and early 70s, when folk singers were inspired by life, poverty, rebellion, there was this man called Sixto Rodriguez, who came from the Motown City- Detroit, and wanted to pursue his music career with his endearing lyrics and splendid guitar tunes.

To make a long story short, Rodriguez finally believed in his own legend when he performed in South Africa, after some 20 years since he gave up his music career. Despite all the belated fame stories of Rodriguez, the 2012 Oscar-winning documentary of this mystery man- Searching for Sugar Man, does seem more like a fiction to me. It stunned me for the fact that this man’s music was never recognized at that age in his own country. It stunned me also for the fact that one could had never realized how influential he is in another part of the world, so tremendously. Isn’t it ironic his two albums was named Cold Fact & Coming from Reality.

And what exactly is reality? Is it a collective memory? or is it just a dream of an individual?

I guess it’s not easy to both live a dream in a life, and live a life in a dream. Rodriguez seems to be the modest person ever, whether on stage or off stage, and that is the most incredible & infectious thing to people surrounding him… Salute to the Sugar Man!


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