Explosions In The Sky – Greet Death

Explosions In The Sky, originated from Texas, is often referred to as one of the most critically acclaimed post-rock band. Indeed, they are the band that got me into “post-rock”, even though I started off listening to Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. I guess, comparatively, the band is much more ‘direct’, like my favorite song of theirs- Greet Death.

Many people asked me what ‘post-rock’ is, I would only explain it as instrumental music that mostly discard vocals and traditional verse-chorus structures in rock music. Anyways, like I always say, ‘genre’ is merely names that we use to categorize for the sake of categorizing. However, having been playing in this style, I might also describe it as almost mathematical, and emotional. Without using lyrics and normal chord progression on guitars, it achieves much more comprehensive state, like a narrative. To me, it’s much more inspirational than other rock music, in a way that imagination can be elaborately developed.

It is no wonder many of the ‘post-rock’ music is used in films, TV shows, commercials or even dance performance. To name but a few, Explosions In The Sky‘s music is featured in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Kite Runner, and the recent Prince Avalanche. On the other hand, many ‘post-rock’ performances are largely supported with digital images or multimedia effects. Imagery seems to be inseparable with this type of sound, and I believe this is the underlying beauty of it.

After a decade since Explosions In The Sky started, their music has certainly become more sophisticated or more carefully executed, listening to their latest album from 2011- Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. I hope not to miss the chance to see them in Oct, from insider’s news, they will be touring in Hong Kong with my favorite local ‘post-rock’ band, Fragile. In any way, thanks for inspiring me all these years.


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