Up Dharma Down – OO

Up Dharma Down is a Filipino band composed of four young musicians. I got to learn about their music a few years back, and finally had a chance to see them live in Singapore recently.

To those who know about them, they would know that UDD has been ever changing with their styles throughout the 3 albums they have released. From a more post rock tune in Fragmented (2006), to a more electronica and retro tune in Capacities (2012). The change is explicit, but what I found has remained is the sense of metropolitan in their music. You almost feel as if they’re just playing at the corner of your room under the city skylights. UDD’s music is reflective of both the musician’s life and the listener’s life, and that is what’s adjoining us together.

Vocal Armi Millare has also changed from wearing slick straight long hair with reggae style hair band, to now a pixie stylish short hair with red lips. Nevertheless, her powerful voice is no doubt the capture of our attention, and it really shows in live. I would believe the audience nostalgically preferred the old songs to the new ones. But to the band, the change reflects a conscious decision to their evolvement.

Sometimes, we’d be surprised how much we have changed from the beginning, just like in the process of making a song. We’ll never find out if it’s for better or for worse until we did it. So, for better or worse, let’s just do it.


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