Efterklang – The Ghost

It was back in 2008 when I saw Efterklang’s performance in Hong Kong. Until now, it was one of the most unforgettable shows that I’ve seen. One of those shows that makes you feel so overwhelmed, that sounds like 100 times better than the CD tracks. Their sound was transformed in the best way it could in the little hall that fitted only a few hundred people.

This band from Copenhagen has a very unique style. At their live, you could see the band members interchanging their positions. Sometimes Casper the vocal would pick up the drumsticks and join the beat, at other times, the drummer would pick up a trumpet while the guitarist would then play the violin. And it feels just like a group of music lovers coming together to play some sound, whether loud of soft, whether outdoor or indoor, whether with instruments or without, they can be just as joyful as a kid.

Of course, Efterklang’s music has further aesthetic element.  From the more electronica sound of their first album Tripper (2004), to Parades (2007) that almost sounds like a  street carnival happening from far, to the third album Magic Chairs (2010), Efterklang’s sound has always been uplifting, even though it can be comforting and lonely at the same time. Their experiment between electronica and acoustic has taken another level at their forth album, Piramida (2012), which added a little bit of isolation and becomes more illusionary.

When you’re in a place that is totally new to you, your senses are much more opened up. You absorb, you observe, you investigate. And then you are fascinated with things that you find familiar, although in real it is totally strange. And then we all wait for something newer and better…

Efterklang’s exploration of the possibilities of sound is evilly beautiful.

Here’s one of my favourite video of them – The Soft Beating from Magic Chairs

One should also check out the story behind the album Piramida, with my favourite film director Vincent Moon who recorded with the band at the Danish coast for “An Island“.


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