Resonators – Surrender

Rooted in the 60s & 70s from Jamaica, some said that reggae was born in a hot summer- when it was too hot to either play or dance to ska, so the beat was slowed down, and the style was formed. When I first listened to Resonators , a nine-piece UK based reggae band, this feeling of a laid-back hot summer is exactly what was found in their first single Sweet Love Affair… And maybe now with a bit of drizzling rain too in their album The Constant.

Reggae is directly evolved from the slower rock steady, with tighter and more complex sound to ska. Added some live dub effects, Resonators have put together a soulful sound to reggae. The two vocals Kassia Zermon & Faye Houston, with some bright and bouncy appeal, creating some almost trippy and nearly psychedelic sound, are definitely the radiation of the uplifting music and enjoyable stage presence. But again, it could be my bias thinking towards female musicians. The two have established the band a distinctive influence, that is fresh and spicy.

Sometimes we are lazy to express fully, but we keep our opinions strong, and we stay sweet to keep it real.

“Why must I try to understand… I am a wandering…”


Your words is important to me

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