Light In Babylon – Hinech Yafa

Based in Istanbul, the trio of Israeli singer Michal Elia Kamal, French guitarist Julien Demarque and Turkish santur player Metehan came together and offers to the world music full of ethnicity and cultures, and most importantly full of love. As how the band puts it, they like to play music in the street and for the street – hoping to put light in passerby, and make them look in different directions.

This is when I am thankful for there is internet, so I don’t have to be in Turkey to listen to Light In Babylon‘s music, as it would have been difficult for Michal to visit many other countries with her Iranian and Israeli background too. So, yes, it was more than anything else, that Michal‘s performance with her djembe that first caught my eyes on the band. Her hands and fingers, separating from the mind, play the beats so powerfully as she sings her Hebrew lyrics out loud. Her eyes so deep and her vision so far, as if she’s searching the wonders of the world. Her body, moving and flowing so graciously as she’s drawn in the music. It is intriguing to watch.

Light In Babylon‘s first official album is named “Life sometimes doesn’t give you space”. We must find the power to overcome the illness of the individuals. As it is sometimes the life that is choosing you, instead of you choosing your life.


“We don’t belong to the street, it is the street that is ours.”



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