Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers

First to hear this song in the movie Blue is the Warmest Color, in the scene where Adele danced to the song. The less than 1 min scene got the melody of the song etched in my mind. The feeling of Adele’s loneliness was so unforgettable and mesmerizing.

And so I looked for the soundtrack, when I found this stunning video of Lykke Li. This singer song-writer from Sweden filmed the video of I Follow Rivers back on a Swedish island, having her bare feet stepping on a snowy field, as honest and naked as the drumbeats pounding with her vocal.

Lykke Li’s latest album I Never Learn (2014) continues to reveal the vulnerable emotions of her. Listening to that makes me realize what was alluring to me wasn’t the weary sadness and misery of Adele, but the strength and rebellion of her devotion.

We can’t always be in control, however we can always follow our hearts and be persistent.


I am definitely looking forward to see Lykke in January. Her artistic characters doesn’t only show from her music, but also from her acting:


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