Ego Wrappin’ – Love Scene

Ever since I started this blog, I had been thinking of writing about this band, my all-time all-time favorite, Ego Wrappin’, but it seemed that I couldn’t find the right angle. After two years, here I am, listening to this amazing band from Osaka again. And even ‘introducing’ them to my new Japanese flatmate, I thought, maybe people in the world are really missing out.

2009 marked a special year for me, seeing Ego-Wrappin’ in live at Summer Sonic. The band made up of vocalist Yoshie Nakano and guitarist Masaki Mori as the core members. The power and energy of Yoshie is unforgettable. Combining with the very special gig culture in Japan, where people shakes their hands in the same direction, same beat, where people keep a distance of about 3 feet so you have enough space to move and jump around. And the literally floor-shaking experience, the live engraved this memory inside me, this sweet memory.

Ego Wrappin‘s music combines jazz with ska, rock, pop and many other elements. I don’t understand a word of their music (since it’s mostly Japanese), but whether it is my more preferred ska-groove like Love Scene or A Love Song, or the more rock-beat like Red Shadow, or, the jazzy big-band tunes like Nervous Breakdown, their music always makes me smile and dance! And it has the same effect no matter after how long I haven’t listened to them.

Today marked a special day for many Singaporean, being the funeral of former Prime Minister Mr. LKY. People would weigh his contribution against his dictatorship. Being an outsider, especially one who doesn’t speak the language of politics, I feel that afterall, we just need a place where we can be free, where we can smile and dance…. that is, call it democracy or not.

Steal a Person’s Heart (2013) was the last album from Ego Wrappin’. Sometimes, even though we don’t understand fully of a thing, there’s a part of it that steals our hearts. And I truly believe that, even after 10 years, I’ll still dance to Ego Wrappin’.

Yoshie’s recently released 濡れない雨 from the album 窓景. With my first time exploring on her lyrics, it’s heart-pinching. 


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