Camille – Allez Allez Allez

For someone who has never visited Europe, I have always found France as a place that is full of artistic expression, that is often associated with sex and not necessarily being sexy. This is also what I feel about Camille, whom I’d like to describe as an artist rather than a singer or vocalist. One could find her sweet voice familiar, like how I did, if you used to listen to Nouvelle Vague‘s first album, where she sang the song “In a Manner of Speaking” and a few others.

Watching Camille’s live is totally mesmerizing. It’s a performance that combines music, acting, theatre, dance and poetry. It is eccentric, quirky and sometimes even violent (to me at least), but all in a way so beautifully and so gently. Even with a twist of her facial muscle, she creates sound that not many of us could have imagined. I guess her music also captured my ear because of the quality of percussion, with the clicks & snaps, claps & gasps, and anything that she can pick up with her hands, or any part of her body that she can make a sound with. I would believe she chooses a different pair of shoes or fabric to help with making different sounds too.

When we were a kid, we laugh at the smallest thing. When we’re adult, we still sometimes want to laugh at the smallest thing, but we might suppress ourselves because we’d think about what others would feel, or maybe we’d feel embarrassed. And we forget how beautiful it is to see a person so daringly expressing herself, so fearlessly showing her ideas, and joyfully sharing the moment.

Although Camille appears quite crazy, her music goes with a rhythm. Her playfulness and seductiveness on stage sparks and fascinates maybe even the most reserved audiences.

Thank you, for living in the moment.

“You become a better musician by listening to the rhythm of the inside world, of nature, of all the things that need time.”


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