Anoushka Shankar y Buika – Casi Uno

As I was searching for the music of Spain, I was once again fascinated by the power of people’s connection, or rather, attraction, when I found out my two recent inspiration- Anoushka Shankar & Concha Buika, have collaborated in a song called Casi Uno.

The beautiful Anoushka Shankar, the half-sister of Norah Jones, is an Indian sitar player who was born in the UK. I was mesmerized by her remarkable performance at the Traveller’s concert, which she beautifully merged traditional flamenco with Indian classical music, both of which are cultures that I am highly enchanted to. Shankar‘s playing is always so delicate. On stage, she feels like a mother who would take care of everyone who’s performing with her, gently guiding them and supporting them at the same time.

On the other hand, Buika is an Afro-Spanish singer-songwriter, who’s influenced by the traditional flamenco and copla from Spain, but Buika can perform in a variety of cross-genres. Her singing has a trace of Latin jazz and soul. She appears to me almost like a fighter, so brave, so open, and not afraid of flaws, or even exploiting her flaws. She is true to herself and she’s proud of it. And we can hear all of that in her music, through her feelings, and I guess that’s what’s special about her.

Flamenco is not only about hand clapping, it’s more about the emotions and connections in between the performers- the guitarist and the singer; and in between the instruments- the strings and the claps. To this note, Shankar and Buika have portrayed an emotion full of love. The love, the vulnerability, the joy, and the pain that comes with that.

When two very different characters meet, come together and bring their shared thoughts to a whole new level, even pushing boundaries, magic will happen. That is the power of us, human.

Couldn’t have enough of this, the amazing Traveller concert by Shankar.

Tremendous performance of Buenafuente by Buika and Javier Limon, producer of Shankar and Buika.


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