Sena Şener – Çirkin Dünya

Sena Şener is a young Turkish singer song-writer whom I discovered from Sofar – a community that organises live gigs worldwide. I was surprised to learn that she’s just a teenager as she sings with such magnetic and compelling voice. It is hard for me not to imagine how this heart-wrenching voice is influenced by the place she lives in. 

Although I’m unable to find a lot of information about Sena, it leaves me to appreciate her music purely… Sometimes we ask questions not wanting to get an answer, but rather to hear our own voice, to be conscious of our own state of mind. Sometimes we remember an incident or a conversation or a lyric, not because it had any affection to us at that point of time when it happened, but rather it fills our soul and becomes a part of us that’s important to our lives.

I admire musicians who has such powerful voice like Sena, so much that it expresses a deep emotion even it’s played with minimal instruments. Reading her lyrics makes me feel like she has experienced some bruised emotion. Yet her expression of fragility and vulnerability weaves in with certain fortitude and longing, creating a sound that is unforgettable and unique.

“Pain that heals, cures.” – Sometimes we hurt ourselves not wanting to feel the pain, but to see it heal.



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