Golshifteh Farahani – Jostojouye Sarnevesht

The Iranian beauty, Golshifteh Farahani, might be better known for her acting or her activism, than her “hidden” musical talent. However, my first encounter (on the internet) with Golshifteh was in fact from a video where she played the hang drum. Dressed in her head scarf, she looked as if an innocent 14 year-old girl to me. Though, her eyes were filled with deep eagerness, which I found pretty resonating to the sound of the hang drum indeed.

Golshifteh is also an extraordinary pianist, who said no to the Vienna Conservatoire during her teen age, and continued her journey in movies and theatres. Although this route had eventually got her exiled from Iran, she did not become a victim of the society.

“The whole world wants to see you as a victim… It is a kind of pornography to make them feel better about being themselves, but they don’t give a shit.” says Golshifteh.

Most of the time, it is easy to avoid the truth, to turn away and be in a “safe place”, to pretend nothing bad is happening, and so ‘life goes on’. How many of us can actually be the moth that goes into the flames, fearlessly striving for our dreams.

Jostojouye Sarnevesht’s partial lyric’s translation:

Our Nights
On the roof
I have a dream in my mind
and galaxy along with us
for a fostering
it’s time for devotion
perhaps he becomes free from a long injustice

The dark night run away
sorrow transfer from home
we laugh again , we laugh again
and we are together again
we laugh again , we laugh again
We are united

Golshifteh is now based in France. Music has never played a major role in her artistic path, but she persists in all sorts of opportunities to perform her talents, both on screen and off screen. This clip where she read out a poem alongside with Iranian soloist Darya Dadvar‘s divine vocal is one of the most sensual performance I’ve seen.

May the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars…



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