Laura Marling – I was an eagle

Laura Marling is a singer-songwriter from Britain. Only 27 but she seems exceptionally mature. It does not only reflect from her skillful guitar playing, an instrument that Marling picked up since she was six. But it also reflects from the look in her face, and the way she is on stage or in front of cameras.

Rarely does folk music attracts me, but Marling reminds me of Tom Waits. They are both spiritually poetic and tremendous story tellers who speak with their music. When Marling is on stage, she always appears so modest and calm, singing in serenity with her eyes and chin up, as if she’s reminiscing the stories of her life. She puts her true self in front of the audience, and exposes her vulnerability, subtly and quietly.

Laura Marling does not speak much at all in live, or even during interviews. Some may judge the distance she holds, but what seems reluctant to one may just be in control. Watching her performances and reading more about her somehow really made a connection to me.

“You might not think that I care, but you don’t know what I know” sings in the song You Know.

Sometimes we find ourselves out of place no matter where we go, questioning about our own existence, but yet we just need to find peace within it. And we just have to find a way to make ourselves comfortable, despite how heartless it seems to some others.


“Nothing matters more than love — no, nothing.”


Your words is important to me

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