Alice Phoebe Lou – Berlin Blues

I found out about Alice Phoebe Lou with her ted talk from a few years back. She is a singer-songwriter who’s just about 23 now. And I so envy and admire, how at this young age, Alice’s already realized her goals and what’s good for her own life.

Alice finished high school at 18 and decided to pack up and leave her hometown in South Africa. She moved to Europe and started busking on the streets of Berlin. She decided that you don’t have to study college, get a job, get married, have kids and die. This journey of music and creativity has given her a path of self realisation. When you perform on the streets and the more you’re exposed to people, the more you dig deep in yourself.

Alice has the greatest smile and the sweetest voice when she speaks, but once she sings, her voice turns into this deep raw sound, subtle but strong and intriguing. Even with the pedestrians and wanderers passing by, with the loud music blasting from the next busker, Alice always finds her way to capture her audience and brings them to this different horizon.

She appreciates the little things that people easily take for granted and she sings these messages in her songs. I believe this is what makes Alice Phoebe Lou special as an artist.

I am totally in love with this song and this video of Berlin Blues, that shows many little clips of this adorable little blonde girl- the young Alice Phoebe Lou, and how she grew up freely with the care of her parents. How she ran… and how she fell.

“Sometimes life can get a little wrong, but it won’t be long, cuz’ it just makes me strong” sings the song.

Being alone in a foreign environment, or on the streets, often makes you become self-conscious. People are able to say the most disgusting things to you, try to cheat you, or take advantage of you. But I guess being able to face the negativity and bad experience is the most positive thing you can get in life as well.


“I’ll see you there… where the canvas is bare, and there’s no more despair.”


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